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When should I take the train ?

Let me give you a little bit of context. I’m doing remote working since quite a long time now. That’s mean I don’t take the train as often as I used to. I really enjoy it but, as a side effect, I lost the habit of taking a crowded train, which make it even more […]

Decode EXIF from a raw photo

I’m writing a python script to sort my raw photos. Precisely group my HDR together. The idea is to read EXIF tags inside the raw file. And correlate them to group raw photo for each HDR. I started to use rawkit ( but the values of Exif tags I was looking for was not really great. Someone suggest me […]

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Openshift 3 – where is my permanant token ?

Generally for monitoring or metering purpose it’s better to access to the service with a  dedicated account. For example on galera we can create a read only user for the monitoring. But in openshift ? The first idea is to create a dedicated user and add the right role to be able to read information […]

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